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Why To Invariably Use Only White-Hat Seo Techniques?

Search engine optimization aka SEO is a popular form of search engine marketing. The main objective is (as its name suggests) to improve the site’s ranking in various search engines. Almost everything in the Internet industry has emerged around the idea of search engine optimization. However, it is important to note that there are two distinct and disparate methodologies at work when it comes to search engine SEO optimization.


First, you should know that search engines have developed special mechanisms used to define if one place or another is good enough to be shown in search results. They are called algorithms. The formulas of these algorithms are kept secret, but you may find some principles considered by the search engines to calculate the ranking of websites. In addition, representatives of the different search engines have given us some clues, although these messages are often vague.

In fact, among SEO consultants, their methods can be subdivided into two different groups. The categories are better known as aims to improve the overall quality of websites, and increase the ranking of the site through approved methods or often used methods such as cloaking, spamdexing to move up, but using these methods can lead to your site removed from listings for search engines.


Those in the field of white hat accuse those who use black-hat methods not only give a bad name to the art of SEO, but also of trying to manipulate and undermine the ranking of search engines. The black hat SEO techniques defend themselves by saying that all SEO actually end up being an attempt to manipulate the ratings, so special methods are used to increase the classification is irrelevant. In other words, having a Machiavellian approach, the end results justify the means used simply.

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