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Some Preliminary Ideas On How To Pursue a Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral marketing is one of the most popular and innovative forms of marketing employed today by companies both big and small. Basically, this promotion technique involves creating some kind of memorable message or meme that people are encouraged to send one another. In best cases, viral marketing is responsible for greatly increasing public awareness of a product (or excitement among people who are already aware of an upcoming product) by using social networks to make people think about it more. Many people today are good at tuning out advertisements seen on television or on the world wide web, so viral marketing services make people interested in your product by having the pitch presented to them by a friend or acquaintance; then when they are exposed to your viral marketing message you have their full attention.

To find information on the world wide web for setting up a viral marketing campaign, first try using an internet search engine that is popular such as Google or Yahoo to search for phrases such as 'viral marketing video email' or 'marketing online viral'. There are companies online that can provide second-to-none viral marketing packages to help you plan your strategy, pitch ideas for ads, and even produce videos and help you set up a site for marketing the target media. A viral video is one that promotes a product while seeming to be about something else that piques peoples' curiosity, and the help of an advertising company skilled in writing a thematic script and producing the materials can make all the difference. You can also get help to do it yourself by searching for the pertinent advertising software online, and the marketing allows you to combine mass email marketing on the internet with your viral videos or mystery games in order to get greater exposure and have more people thinking about your upcoming release.

While videos are one of the most common forms of viral marketing, another involves setting up a number of fake web sites with encoded messages for a reality game that ties into a world built around your product. This kind of thematic advertising has been used very successfully by Bungie Software in the past with their I Love Bees campaign for Halo, and is most useful for entertainment products such as TV shows, movies or games, although it can also be adapted for various other product launches. Good luck finding a viral marketing solution that works for you!

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